A challenge to rise to
``Using materials, kids not only develop their intelligence, character and grace but also acquire abilities and attitudes that drive them toward new and higher efforts``

These are the words that inspired and still inspire our dream today, words that reflect the handing down of the tradition of the carpentry business from generation to generation, words that on being discovered some years ago gave rise to a production that brings together the extreme quality of craft products and the refined conception of materials designed to augment people’s quality.

 Every day in the family workshop, Falegnameria Faustini produces unique objects entirely of wood, in small series, in pursuit of a people-friendly education model.


Faustini family tradition. Wooden objects that speak of life and passion, since 1850. Falegnameria Faustini was ...

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Objects that respect nature and mankind. Sustainable Italian craft production for objects to be proud of ...

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The carpentry shop and its history. Montessori BF couldn’t exist without the carpentry shop. And the carpentry ...

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